Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The expression of the boredom heart!

It's been one week i stuck here with nothing to do. I almost die from boredom, literally. Thank God I found a game where i could finally release a steam of 'bore gas' from my pipeline process. This game sure has bypassed the pipeline and isolated it from the main stream. Not to mention, it also opened this emergency shutdown valve which after all this sem has accumulated all this bore gas mixed with tension gas which constantly building pressure inside me to the unprecedented psi. I could not imagine what would happen if you let open the vent valve without following the procedure given. Well, you probably don't wanna know. So here i am, at the aftermath of the explosion of the century, sitting doing nothing. I still affected by the blast you know!. Well, that at least what i thought would be. But the true is, I expecting something big, after the show but it really doesn't live to the expectation. I set the bar so high but only to realize that it was way below that what i've expected. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not talking about my examination. My exam will do just find (finger crossed) but rather the expression of the worn off heart of mine which continue to expect something 'wow' will happen but the truth is nobody knows. But let look at the bright side, Im still going home. After all those challenging days, ups and downs, black and white, bla and bla things, whatever. My point is, Im thankful, for everything. No matter how hard life is, There is always hope and within hope there's joy. Let live up the joy in our life.....

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Can you smell it? IT'S NEW YEAR FRESH AIR!!!

Our fresh start and we are a step ahead into the future. I can't believe how fast is the time is. One time i was in 2009 now i found myself standing in the year 2010. Even so, let's not forget our precious memories left behind in 2009. I know there're a lot of memories and some are unforgettable ones.When i looked back i saw a lot of changes happened not only to me but to entire world. Well, let's hope that this new year brings new light to those who light-less and hope to the hopeless. I pray so that this year would bring more to humanity than to satisfy our 'never ending' needs which has impacted so much on our environment aka global warming. God bless and;

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010......

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Im gonna miss you

I am going to leave you. Frankly, I quite nervous for what lies ahead of me. What's my future would be? God, please give me strength to get through this. But i know i gotta do this cause this is what i gotta do. To live a day means to sacrifice what we got for the sake of future. No matter what, i will do this even though it hard for you and even harder for me to leave you. But one thing you must never forget, I will always think of you no matter where I go. You will always be the first in my heart. Thanks you for making me of who I am today. I will come back for you one day. Until then please be strong. Just for you, Borneo.
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